'Jessica has worked with Think Productive since early 2013 and has been instrumental in the growth of our company. Her client service skills are excellent and she is a pleasure to work with. Jessica is reliable and entirely trustworthy. As the booker of travel and purchaser of office supplies and marketing materials I entrust her with our budget and finances, along with passwords and other confidential information. While Jessica is only part-time with us, it always feels like I am her only and favourite client. She is much more than a virtual assistant – she is part of the team and genuinely invested in the outcomes of my business.'
- Dawn O'Connor, Calgary, AB
Director & Productivity Ninja, Think Productive Canada

'Over the years, I've had the chance work with Jessica in more than one capacity and, every time, she impresses me with her strong work ethic, her commitment to success and the kind-hearted nature in which she achieves it. When I needed help with my website, we were working virtually as I was in Calgary and she was in Vancouver. Being in two separate locations didn't impede the process at all and I was able to work just as easily with her as I would have being in the same room. Communication was clear, deadlines were met and I couldn't have been happier with the end result. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone needing virtual support (not to mention, she has a heart of gold).'
- Jen Zagorsky, Calgary, AB
Owner & Professional Organizer, J'Organizing

'I asked Jessica to help me with building a website for my small business, and she was such a joy to work with. She is ultra responsive, professional, creative, and friendly. She was able to put together a beautiful website for me that perfectly fit my needs, on a tight timeline, and offered great suggestions for functionality and esthetic. Jessica has a unique ability to combine her organizational strength with her keen eye for artistic creativity, allowing for a really unique service. I would absolutely work with Jess again, and recommend her to members of my community.'
- Jill Mayer, Calgary, AB
Owner, Art + Alexander

'Jessica literally changed my life. I had a long list of business tasks that were not getting completed and made me feel stuck. I realized that these tasks were not my cup of tea but that someone else would love doing them. After reading Jessica's website I knew she was the answer. From getting my blog back online to ordering marketing supplies, researching and writing a guide for my clients to talking me through some important business decisions, Jessica has impressed me time and time again. I feel as comfortable asking her to work on projects as though she was my own double. I give her my full trust and that's not easy to find in an assistant. I never have any concern that anything will be missed or produced with poor quality. She has high attention to detail, is very crafty and creative, is skilled with social media, and her office management experience is evident. She is easy to get along with, has confidence in her own capability and she makes things happen. From my very first business interaction with her, I was impressed with her high level of organization and professionalism. I have referred her to many friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.'
- Paula Blundell, Guelph, ON
Owner & Professional Organizer, Align Home Organizing

'Jessica and I have worked together on a number of projects. She has impeccable taste, is highly creative, ultra organized, and incredibly capable of intelligently and thoughtfully handling pretty much anything thrown her way. On top of all of that, she is a joy to work with. I would recommend her any day, any time as a virtual assistant and organizer.'
- Lauren Mangion, Calgary, AB
Owner, Conscious Home

'Running my business and caring for my children leaves little time for much else, so being able to call Jessica for help is an amazing resource! From building my website, to designing sales pamphlets, promo materials and business cards, Jessica has taken so much off my plate, allowing me the time to focus on all the other things that go into running a business. She has creative expertise that has set my company above the rest and has helped to create an impressive image for my business. Jessica is a "Jack of all Trades" when it comes to getting jobs done. I love the "easy" relationship we have - she really makes things effortless and I appreciate using her services as she always does a fantastic job. I would highly recommend Jessica and Bluejay Virtual Assisting for anything you need to help take your business to the next level.'
- Cara Nicolaysen, Fort St. John, BC

'Jessica is adept at translating her client's ideas, sometimes just doodles and notes on napkins, into a polished product. She has a wide-ranging skill-set, including a thorough knowledge of popular and unique design styles. She is a terrific person to work with, and I'm not just saying that because she's my wife.'
- Jeff Thorburn, Vancouver, BC
Editor, Writer & Photographer, jeffthorburn.com

'I have worked with Jessica on a number of power point presentations and I have found her to be very professional. She pays high attention to the small details, and listens to what my needs are to ensure that we are always on the same page. She has a way of adding just the right thing to make my presentations that much better! Jessica is very easy to get along with and it has been a joy to work with her. I look forward to working with her again, as she has so much to offer.'
- Deborah Lenover, Calgary, AB
Territory Manager, Sandoz Canada

'Jessica and I have worked together on a variety of projects over the years, each being more successful than the last. Jessica has the type of brain that thinks of everything- always prepared, incredibly organized, on top of all tasks and projects, and armed with a contingency plan should things not play out the way the are meant to. But also, Jessica is a joy- talented and inspiring, creative and resourceful, she has an eye that makes everything turn out just a little bit more beautiful than if you had done it alone. A fantastic partner in business, and now friendship also.'
- S.C. Calgary, AB
Event Planner

'I live, work and play on the road. This makes for a really exciting lifestyle, but also means that I need support managing certain tasks from afar. Luckily, I've found an angel in the form of Jessica Thorburn, who has helped me remotely on so many counts. Not only is she incredibly organized, easy to work with, kind and fun, Jessica has an eye and a creative brilliance that are unparalleled. Jessica built my blog, allowing me to share my experiences from the road. She also wrote and sent beautiful and creative newsletters for an organization I founded, keeping our followers in the loop even while I am away. I think we'd all feel happier and better organized with more Jessica Thorburn in our lives!'
- Heather Hendrie, Canmore, AB
Founder, Powered by The People!