From document formatting and email distribution to event planning and social media management - whatever your needs, Bluejay Virtual Assisting & Business Support is here to help!

What is a Virtual Assistant?
Simply put, a Virtual assistance is administrative, creative and technical support offered online rather than face-to-face. A Virtual Assistant (also known as a VA) is an entrepreneur who is in business to help small businesses with their overflow. VA's work from their own offices and can help with any task that is usually handled by an in-house employee.
Your Virtual Assistant is at your service, utilizing cutting edge technologies to provide you with immediate administrative support services and skills. When you partner with us, you reduce your stress level, maximize your revenue, streamline your administrative systems, and focus on the success you want to achieve instead of feeling buried by 'all the little things'. We bring you peace of mind so you can work on expanding your business instead of playing catch up or feeling stuck in a maintenance role.

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About Jessica Thorburn
Jessica brings a multidisciplinary background, including 14 years experience in the public and non-profit sectors guiding a variety of companies and organizations in management, finance, and administrative roles. With the determination to find her own work/life balance, she founded Bluejay Virtual Assisting & Business Support as a way to manage a more flexible work schedule as well as assist a number of great small businesses to ease their workload.

Jessica is dedicated, efficient, and detail-oriented. She has excellent communication skills and creative problem solving abilities. She is a positive thinker who is passionate about the work she takes on.

A self-proclaimed eco-lover, baker, crafter, photographer and blogger, Jessica lives in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada with her husband, young son, their family dog and a fish named Pop.

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